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Meet Our Team


Katie Jo Olsen


Hey there!  My name is Katie Jo Olsen (Miss Jo) and I love teaching and creating a safe, inclusive, and loving environment for children.

Jen Kimber

1st Grade

Chelsi Funk

2nd Grade

Hi there, my name is Chelsi Funk and I love learning, discovery, and teaching.

Teresa Buttars

3rd Grade

My greatest goal is to help my students develop a lifelong love for learning.

Bailey Rapier

4th Grade

 I am passionate about education and know it can change lives, so that is why I went into teaching.

Kaitlyn Webb

5th Grade

My name is Kaitlyn Webb! I am so excited to be teaching 5th grade at Bear River Charter School!

Lindsay Mumford

6th Grade

My favorite thing about being a teacher is building relationships of mutual trust and respect with my students. I enjoy seeing the immense social, emotional, and academic growth of my students each year.

Katie Stoker

7th Grade

I am so excited to teach these young minds and teach them the beauty of the world around them.

Blake Kyler

8th Grade

As a teacher, I am committed to creating environments and relationships that inspire students to use reading, writing, and history to explore and deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Jessica Stott

Art Specialist

 I love the pursuit of creating: felting, sewing, singing, drawing, and painting; I find so much pleasure and peace from making beautiful and interesting things with my hands, soul and mind.

Harrison Dotson

Harrison Dotson

P.E. Specialist