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The mission of the Bear River Charter School (BRCS) is to provide an outstanding educational and social experience for elementary and middle school students (K-6). We aspire to serve a population that is diverse in learning needs, race/ethnicity, and language background.



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Attending BRCS

Bear River Charter School is a public school that provides an outstanding educational and social experience for K-6 students. 

There is no tuition or unusual fees; however, donations are welcome. Parents of enrolled students automatically become members of the School Community Association (SCA). 

Parents provide transportation for their students. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom, work on parent organization committees, or participate in other ways. 

Bear River Charter School follows all state and federal laws required of public schools and does not discriminate based on race, creed, color, national origin or disability/ability status. Because we are a school of choice, we recommend that you learn more about us and the features of our program before enrollment or placement on a waiting list. 

As you apply to Bear River Charter School, we suggest you do the following:


Review the charter school document

Read Our Charter

View the video on Direct Instruction

Watch Video

Make an appointment for a school tour

Schedule a tour

Lottery & Important Dates

New enrollment will be accepted until classrooms reach capacity. When classrooms reach capacity, applicants will be added to a waiting list. Siblings of enrolled students will be given first preference for enrollment. There may be other preference as provided by law. As spaces become available, enrollment may occur based on the position in the waiting list. For classes where applications exceed openings, a random drawing is held and new enrollment and waiting lists are established. Families accepted for enrollment complete the appropriate registration paperwork within a certain timeframe, and then students are placed in classes. 

We plan our budget in the Spring with the information from enrollment. Since we are counting on your commitment for budget planning, please notify us as soon as possible if you have a change in plans. Since other families are waiting to enroll, we are not able to hold places for undecided families.

To be included in the first kindergarten lottery, you must have your application in by January 31st. We will run the first kindergarten lottery on the second Friday in February. 

Applications are due by March 31st to be included in the lottery for all other grades. We will run this lottery on the second Friday in April. 

Bear River Charter accepts applications year round. When classrooms reach capacity, applicants will be added to a waiting list.