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Field Experiences

More field experiences than most schools!

Bear River hosts more field experiences than most schools!

Bear River Charter provides a series of high-quality, engaging field experiences that tie directly to the Utah State Core Standards and provide service learning opportunities throughout the school year.

We emphasize lessons throughout the month, then synthesize learning through outdoor learning experiences. Trips include snowshoeing, Canyonlands, Stokes nature center, and much more!

We envision field experiences as an engaging tool to teach students the concepts and skills outlined in the Utah State Core Standards. Field experiences are not additional tasks or topics that teachers must design and deliver. Rather, field experiences are an integrating context for learning and reinforcing the subjects that are also taught in the classroom. Field experiences are simply a new kind of classroom.

We integrate three types of field experiences into an annual schedule:



Nature-based experiences occur in natural areas such as on hikes or in parks and campgrounds. 

Examples may include nature journaling, studying stream ecology, or conducting "forest inventories" of a local park.



Cultural experiences occur at museums, theaters, or cultural sites/events. 

Examples may include attending arts performances, or participating in programs at the American West Heritage Center, USU Anthropology Museum, or other venue.


Service Learning

Service Learning opportunities will occur to provide service to the surrounding community while learning skills and the value of their service. 

Examples may include service projects at Stokes Nature Center, Willow Park Zoo, or the Cache Community Food Pantry.